Grace Ekirapa On Dating A Guy With Baggage, “I Was Tired Of Being Thrown Around”

November 3, 2020

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa shared little known details about her past relationship recalling how a former boyfriend dumped her thrice in four years.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, the ‘Crossover 101’ presenter told her host Massawe that before she got into the relationship, she was sure the guy would be her husband.

However, a few months into their love story, the guy said he was not at peace with the relationship and needed time to pray about it for clarity.

“He told me he is not at peace and that his mind is not peaceful with our relationship. It was like four months into the relationship and by that time I had gotten an accident and I was in bed, I couldn’t even walk by the time he was breaking up with me,” she said.

After she was discharged, the guy visited Ekirapa saying he was not at peace again. He went silent after that visit.

Ekirapa said she waited for the guy for one year assuming he had gone to pray about it, a period during which she learnt the ex-boyfriend dated other women.

Grace said the guy came back but was unsure of what he wanted, and so she told him to go deal with whatever baggage he had before coming back. The guy disappeared for another year.

“I started looking for him eventually we met,” she said.

“I took him back because I had already met his parents. We went out again and this time I knew very well he was not ready, nikamkalisha chini nikamwambia you still have baggage unafaa kudeal nayo. So he left again for one year and then he came back the third time,” she narrated.

When the guy returned for the third time, he said he was ready to settle down with her. They met their parents and even set a wedding date.

A few months down the line, the dude disappeared before the wedding could happen.

“This time I knew it’s done. I was tired of being thrown around.”

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