Socialite Amber Ray Addresses Witchcraft Claims, Brown Mauzo Breakup

October 23, 2020

Popular Instagram personality Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has shut down allegations that she practices witchcraft.

The socialite was first accused of using witchcraft by Aaliyah Zaheer, her former co-wife, who alleged that Amber had used black magic to snatch her husband.

The witchcraft rumours resurfaced after a picture emerged showing Amber in a shack draped in a white cloth while holding two chickens; one black and one white.

Amber Ray addressed the claims during a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram.

Why do you use Witchcraft?” a fan posed, to which Amber Ray responded: “I know it’s hard to believe this but I’ve never used witchcraft in my entire life. Anyway one day I’ll tell my side of the story. You all better be ready.”

She also explained her picture saying: “I don’t use juju, that picture was taken in a movie set that I was acting in.”

Amber also spoke about her break up with singer Brown Mauzo, who has since moved on with Vera Sidika.

A fan asked: “It is just the other day that you and Brown Mauzo were calling each other Babe, what happened?”

She said: “Life Happens. He is happy and I am happy.”

Asked who she is currently dating, Amber brushed off the question saying: “Many guys, why?”


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