Willis Raburu: I Shouldn’t Have Exposed Mary to Social Media

September 15, 2020

TV presenter Willis Raburu said he regrets exposing his relationship with Marya Prude to the public.

Speaking in an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, Raburu blamed himself for the negative effect that exposing Marya on social media had on their marriage.

He explained that he can’t blame netizens who said negative things about their union because he is the one who showcased it social media hence putting it under scrutiny.

I love and respect Marya. I don’t blame anybody who said anything bad or good because mimi ndo niliwaonyesha in the beginning.

“Si poa kusema kwamba, mbona watu wananiongelelea sana yet mimi ndo nilikuwa nampeleka kwa watu pale social media, nafanya kumpost. Napost picha zetupamoja. Ningechoose kuwa Private kama vile tumejua mtoto wa Nameless the other day akiwa 13, so I don’t blame them for that, but that’s not an excuse for wale watu waliongea vibaya sana,” said Raburu.

The ’10 over 10′ host said he learnt to be more private and he would speak about his marriage when he and Mary are interviewed together.

After that kitu nimeleearn ni kuwa private na nilijimbia ya kwamba the only time nitaongea in details about the matter ni kama huyo Mary mwenyewe ako hapo ndo kukuwe na ile right of reply,” he said.

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