Tips to Become a Better Gambler

September 16, 2020

Millions of people enjoy wagering on sport around the world, including people from Kenya. The majority of these place bets for enjoyment, and if they win money on top of that then it is a nice bonus.

However, no one actually likes to lose money, and for this reason, many gamblers are always looking for ways to improve their betting and put up a better fight against their bookmaker.

There are many ways you can do this and they involve changing how you bet and focus on many different aspects of this. Make sure you dedicate time to keeping up to date with sports news too, every piece of information you can find is potentially an advantage for you.

If you are still finding your feet with gambling and you are looking to become better then here are three tips to become a better gambler. These will help you make small changes that should see your profit increase in the future.

Create a Spreadsheet for Recording Bets

This is the biggest step you should take, one that we have taken from the professional gamblers out there.

The idea behind a betting spreadsheet is to have a record of every bet you place. In a few months, look back at your sheet, see where you are winning and losing and work out what you can do to improve things.

You shouldn’t need to up your stakes to do this, cutting out the worst betting sport you have, or lower stakes on the two worst sports you have if you still want to bet on them.

If you think about money in normal life, away from betting, if you want to make changes you always look where you are spending. Do this with betting and cut out your bad spending, then you should see an improvement in your profit and loss without spending any more money.

Fully Understand Betting Odds and Always Take the Best

One of the toughest parts of betting for people to understand is the odds on offer, especially if they are looking at fractional odds. You will notice that fractional odds are used by UK bookmakers, if you are betting with them then this will be the default on their site.

Every time you don’t take the best odds, you are leaving profit behind on the table. Do you know which is bigger between 6/4, 11/8 and 7/5? If not, make sure you do, because if you don’t know which is the biggest, you won’t be able to take advantage of the best odds.

Think of this as getting value for money. If you are comparing three products with three different shops, you will choose the one giving you the best value for money. This is exactly the same as taking the best odds while betting.

Focus on Long Term Targets

One of the biggest reasons why people lose when gambling is because they do not focus on the long term, instead looking at recent results and creating a short term plan.

This will not work. If you lose today, you will try and win it back today or tomorrow, even if there are no suitable betting opportunities for you to use.

Don’t worry about gaining losses back, trust yourself to do that over a long period of time and have the main overall goal of making money as a long term one.

If you lose a Premier League bet and there are no other games for the next few days, a short term approach could lead to you betting on other leagues where your knowledge is not as strong.

There will be losing spells, bad runs and tough times for you, but if you are a sensible gambler who implements things such as those we have spoken about here, you give yourself a good chance of winning overall. 

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