Rico Gang Femcee Gee Gee Talks Style and Fashion

September 21, 2020

Gee Gee (Grace Wanjiru) is one-third of gengetone group Rico Gang behind hits such as ‘Lingala na Sheng’, ‘Kimonyoski’, ‘Piki Piki Maua’ among others. She talked to Pdonline about her style, fashion obsessions and the secret behind keeping a fresh face.

What is style to you?

Sytle, I feel, is an expression. If I do something in my own style, I’m expressing myself in a way that most people don’t know about me. So, I’m letting the world outside of me know more about me in that sense.

Is your music a reflection of your style?

Yeah. I express myself through music and what I sing. It’s a personal style being reflected in a different and unique way.

What are your current fashion obsessions, and why?

Right now I’m into jewellery; I love necklaces and official suits as well. Actually my friend Sagana has a line of that called Dala Official, so check them out. Vintage wear gets me too, especially the 90s hip-hop looks. It just brings the sexy back for me because I’m into the baggy clothing, which just feels comfortable on me.

Who and what influences your style?

Different artistes and models. One in particular is Ugandan model called Eva Apiyo. She inspires me a lot and knows how to dress her body type and pick cool clothes.

What’s your best and worst fashion purchase, and why?

I’m a thrift junkie; I get a lot from random places. My best has to be some original Air Force One sneakers, a dress I got from Toi Market, and some denim jacket my brother got me from Kunta Customs. My worst has to be jeans, because I buy them then find out later they don’t fit me and this really hurts. Sometimes you just find something good and assume it’s a sure bet without even fitting it then you get home and it doesn’t, and you can’t do anything about it. I’ve had mad disappointments including from some cool leather pants I picked, but ended up ripping them. It was just so sad.

Do you shop for brands or functionality?

Both. Sometimes the brands don’t have good stuff, or you don’t like the design. Sometimes when you thrift you do evaluate yourself and check the quality, durability of the material and such. It has to be cost-friendly though, so both, but it really depends on the pocket. For brands though, I prefer bags, shoes, watches and perfumes. When it comes to dresses and tops, I just shop with my eyes.

What’s your secret to always having such a fresh face?

I keep hydrated; I avoid stress as much as possible, and just believing in my looks no matter the opinions. That’s important.

 What is your preference in your man’s style?

Stylish, unique and one who has a good shoe game. Basically, he just needs to know how to dress for the occasion.

What are some essentials you can’t leave the house without?

Gloss, sunglasses, wet wipes, powder, olive oil and now, hand sanitiser.

Which Kenyan celebrity wardrobes do you appreciate?

I love Muthoni Drummer Queen’s style; it’s unique. I’m a fan of Femi One’s too, Tracy Wanjiru, Joy Kendi and Miss Kihoro.

Which Kenyan designers/brands would you love to work with?

I’d love to do something with Luca Kenya and Allen The Dapper. Luca’s work for Urban Pitchaz is to die for, and I love her authenticity.

Sneakers or heels?

Sneakers; I’m barely in heels.

Natural hair or wigs?

Wigs all the way!

Wine or champagne?

Wine… Sweet red wine.

Black or white chocolate?

Black obviously.

Mulamwah or Andrew Kibe?

Mulamwah of course. Kibe will roast me. Hahaha.

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