PHOTOS – Chimano Introduces Big Sister Who’s A Radio Presenter

September 9, 2020

Sauti Sol band member Willis Austin Chimano recently let fans in on his personal life, revealing that he has a big sister who is a radio presenter with a local station.

On the 6th episode of the Sol Family docu-series that focused on the personal life of the 33-year-old singer, viewers were introduced to Chimano’s elder sister, Barbara M’mbaka.

Introducing herself as the Dutchess of Ikolomani, Ms M’mbaka revealed that they have a younger brother.

She said before their parents welcomed their young brother, Chimano enjoyed being the last born and only son for so long. He also had snitch tendencies when they were younger, said Barbara.

My name is Barbara M’Mbaka Imbakhala, the Dutchess of Ikolomani me and Chim go way back. Chim is my sibling, my little brother. For the longest we were 3, two girls and one boy. He used to be the last born and could get away with everything and anything and was sometimes a snitch,” she said.

Barbara M’mbaka is a presenter at Standard Group-owned radio station Spice FM. She hosts ‘AdultsIntheRoom’ show every weekday from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Check out her photos below.

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