A look at some of today’s top headlines.

A Black man was detained while jogging for fitting a suspect description and later offered a job with the sheriff’s department

A Black man jogging in the predominantly white neighborhood of Deltona, Florida, last month found himself handcuffed and detained when police said he matched the description of a suspect in a nearby burglary.

Hong Kong police criticized for tackling 12-year-old during protests

Police in Hong Kong police have come under heavy criticism after a widely-circulated video showed officers tackling a 12-year-old girl to the ground during a pro-democracy protest.

Australian journalists evacuated from China after five-day diplomatic standoff

Two Australian journalists working in China have left the country after they were questioned by police and forced to seek the protection of their country’s government, their news organizations said Tuesday.

Saudi court sentences suspects in Khashoggi murder

Saudi Arabia has issued “final verdicts” against eight suspects in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018 — sentencing five of the defendants to 20 years in prison — the state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has reported, citing a public prosecutor spokesman.

Trump launches unprecedented attack on military leadership he appointed

President Donald Trump launched an unprecedented public attack against the leadership of the US military on Monday, accusing them of waging wars to boost the profits of defense manufacturing companies.

A tourist who took sand from a beach in Italy has been fined more than $1,000

A French tourist has been ordered to pay a €1,000 ($1,200) fine after attempting to fly out of (CNN) – Sardinia with more than four pounds of local sand in his luggage. The Italian island’s idyllic white sand is protected, and tourists face fines and even jail time for removing it from local beaches.

Another comeback win for Serena Williams at the US Open

Serena Williams pulled off another comeback win at the US Open on Monday, ensuring the weakened Grand Slam event didn’t lose a legendary player for a second consecutive day.

Woman who popularized the gender reveal party says enough already after latest wildfire

The woman best known for popularizing gender reveal parties has a message for the world: Please stop.

Left behind because of Covid-19, a tiny dog travels 10,000 miles to rejoin her owners

(CNN) – All the best dogs find their way home eventually. Sometimes, like Pipsqueak the wiener dog, they’ve got to embark on a journey of more than 10,000 miles to get there. Little Pip was stranded in South Carolina at the height of the pandemic after her owners were forced to abandon their round-the-world sailing trip and fly home to Australia.

Record 2 Million Acres Have Burned In California Wildfires This Year

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (AP) – Wildfires have burned a record 2 million acres in California this year, and the danger for more destruction is so high the U.S. Forest Service announced Monday it was closing all eight national forests in the southern half of the state.

Trump Orders Reporter To Remove His Mask At Press Briefing

President Donald Trump demanded that a reporter remove his face mask in the middle of a question at a White House press briefing on Monday – but the journalist refused. “You’re going to have to take that off. Just take it off,” said Trump as he pointed to the mask worn by Jeff Mason, White House correspondent for Reuters.

Kamala Harris Speaks With Jacob Blake, Paralyzed In Police Shooting, And Family

Sen. Kamala Harris spoke privately with Jacob Blake ― the Black man shot in the back seven times by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin ― and his family on Monday, her campaign said. The Democratic vice presidential nominee was in Wisconsin for her first campaign visit since joining former Vice President Joe Biden in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump this November.

Eric Trump’s ‘Awkward’ Labor Day Attack On Biden Backfires

Eric Trump’s attempted Labor Day attack on Democratic 2020 nominee Joe Biden backfired as critics on Twitter reminded President Donald Trump ‘s son of his father’s failings. “Everything this guy does is low energy and awkward…,” Eric Trump captioned a photo of a Biden event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Monday.

One of California’s out of control fires was sparked by a gender reveal party explosion

More than 600 firefighters in California’s San Bernardino County are still struggling to contain a fire that began on Saturday in El Dorado Ranch Park, near the city of Yuicapa. Over 7,000 acres have been burned and over 3,000 residents evacuated, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Netflix drops ‘My Octopus Teacher’ trailer, and it’s exactly what it sounds like

My Octopus Teacher might sound like the title of an arthouse film, but it isn’t – it’s actually a new Netflix documentary about a man who “forges an unusual relationship with an octopus” which shares with him “the mysteries of her world.”

A beginner’s guide to TikTok

It’s 2020. Why aren’t you on TikTok yet? OK, there are some very valid reasons to avoid using the app, including the extensive user data collection that nearly every social media app employs. But if you’re getting your TikTok content as reposts of tweets on Instagram meme accounts, it might be time to go straight to the source and download the TikTok app yourself.

Tinder launches apocalyptic Swipe Night experience in the UK and around the world

Trying to find love as the world ends? What a concept! That premise is central to Tinder’s interactive Swipe Night event, which launches in the UK and Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, India, and Korea on Sept. 12 at 10am.

These guys built a self-kickflipping skateboard that also kind of explodes

Is there anything in this world half as beautiful as watching a pro skateboarder nail the perfect kickflip? The answer is obviously no. For those who have never been able to perform a kickflip on their own, YouTuber the Hacksmith has created a way to make dreams come true.