Why Diamond Platnumz Doesn’t Want To Be Polygamous

August 4, 2020

Despite having a dozen baby mamas spread across Africa and who knows where else, Bongo music star Diamond Platnumz says he is a one-woman kind of man when it comes to marriage.

The singer was speaking during his sister Esma Platnumz’s wedding, revealing that he hopes to settle down soon.

“Inshaallah Mwenyez Mungu anijaalie Iddi ijayo, nami niile nikiwa kwenye ndoa,” said Diamond.

During the maulid ceremony in Madale, Diamond ruled out being polygamous saying he fears that several wives will bewitch him because of infighting among co-wives.

“I can’t marry many women coz they will bewitch me. When women are many, there will also be so much drama and I am busy. So my mind is set on one wife now,” he said.

Last month, the hitmaker revealed that he is dating again five months after his relationship with Tanasha Donna fell apart.

“I am not single and I have a woman I want to marry. Right now I am not just looking for a fling, I want to get married,” he said.

Diamond added that he will soon be turning 31 years and would not want to be known as the man who has a growing collection of mistresses and baby mamas.

The singer has been romantically linked to former Miss Tanzania Jihan Dimack, but the 25-year-old Lebanese-Tanzanian model has since set the record straight saying she and Diamond are just good friends.

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