Diamond’s Rumored Model Girlfriend, Jihan Dimack, Speaks Out

July 30, 2020

A former Tanzanian beauty queen has come out to clear the air over reports that she is Diamond Platnumz’s new catch.

Ms Jihan Dimack, who was crowned Miss Universe Tanzania in 2016/17, was rumored to be dating the star after Diamond’s mother and sister shared her photos on Instagram recently.

The 25-year-old Lebanese-Tanzanian model was among the star guests during the official unveiling party of Wasafi’s new signee, Zuchu. Reports in Tanzania even had it that Dimack and Diamond will walk the aisle this September.

But in an Interview with SnS, Ms Dimack set the record straight saying she and Diamond are just good friends.

“We know each other because we are in the same industry. He is somebody I respect very much, he is very humble, he is a nice person and very hard working so I do respect and admire him but we are not what people think we are…let me just clarify that,” she said.

“It’s very crazy, I’m getting even phone calls from Russia, they are like, Jihan I heard that you are getting married to one of the biggest musicians. Everyone is talking about it but it’s not what people think. Why is it that every time I attend these events, people pair me with somebody else. Don’t you think if we were together we could have attended the event together?” she posed.

Dimack reiterated that: “We are just good friends and we are in the same industry. We really don’t talk much unless there is an event. It’s more of like I respect you, you respect me kind of relationship, but we are not very close.”

The model was also asked if she would be open to date Diamond Platnumz.

I honestly can’t say anything about that because it has never gotten to that stage but I guess if it does everybody will find out because he is a public person. I don’t think he would want the relationship to be private, whereas am very different I like my relationship to be very very private… but you never know what happens. It’s very hard for me to be with somebody who is in public because I like it low key but you never know,” she said.

Jihan Dimack also spoke about her reaction after Mama Dangote and Esma posted her on their socials.

“I was very surprised when she posted me, I was like, is this a fake account? I was very surprised but again am greatful, I feel like they appreciated what I was wearing and how I looked. I was very grateful and that’s why I commented on the photo.

“I met Esma at an event and she liked the dress I was wearing and that’s how we got to know each other. But now we are good friends,” she explained.

“But Mama Diamond I have never spoken to her that was the first time I saw her do something like that. I was invited to her grandson’s 40 days celebration and it was at her house but I did not see her that day. I didn’t know that’s gonna happen. Honestly, it just happened out of the blues, she posted me, Esma posted me, but for Esma, I know her we are very good friends. I also didn’t expect her to post me, I was very surprised when she did,” said the model.

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