Stivo Simple Boy Talks Working With Vivian, Side Hustle, Financial Pressure…

August 31, 2020

Kibera-based singer Stephen Otieno aka Stivo Simple Boy says he is yet to receive a dime for his latest collab with Vibvian dubbed ‘Simpo Simpo’.

Recalling how the track came to be, the ‘Mihadarati’ singer he was shocked when Vivian reached out to him.

“Vivian called me and told me we needed to do a collabo. I was shocked. You know I’m not so much of a love songs person, my style is more about educating the community on different societal matters but I just decided to give it a try and let Kenyans give their opinions,” said Stivo.

As a result of his celebrity status, Stivo disclosed that people have been assuming he is rich, and have been pressuring him to live large.

“There is a lot of pressure, especially with this latest song that we just released. People are assuming that Vivian gave me a lot of money. The truth is I haven’t gotten any money from that song yet,” he said.

Adding: “People think that because they see me out there making it that I have money, not yet. If I had the money I wouldn’t be living in Kibera, I would move to Westlands. Money doesn’t come easily, you have to work really hard.”

The ‘Tuheshimu Ndoa’ composer said music is his main hustle with a few side hustles.

“I’m currently doing music full time but on the side, I sell t-shirts and hats. Also when someone is having a birthday and they request me to sing for them I do so at a fee,” he said.

Other than financial pressure, Stivo lamented a lack of support from other Kenyan artists as most of them don’t take him seriously.

“Well I don’t know what’s wrong with Kenyan artistes, maybe they don’t think I’m an artiste as well. I haven’t gotten any support from most of them. Maybe they are afraid. I feel really good when a few of them commend me like Nyashinki, Khaligraph Jones and Jalang’o,” he said.

He added that he is determined to be a success in music.

“Tanzanian rapper Professor Jay is my role model. He is the reason I decided to mold my music to concentrate on societal issues and I will prove everyone wrong and show them that I will make it.”

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