Raila Addresses DP Ruto’s ‘Deep State’ Claims

August 14, 2020

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has also been drawn into the ‘Deep State’ debate that has been dominating Kenya’s political sphere following DP Ruto’s sensational claims on Tuesday.

Speaking to the press Thursday, the ODM leader said he is not aware of the existence of a so-called ‘Deep State’. Raila said if there is a deep state then it is comprised of the President and his Deputy.

“As you know, where I am I hold no position in the government of the Republic of Kenya. Kenya is led by the President whose name you know and his deputy whose name you also know. So if you are talking about the ‘deep State’, who is there? It’s the president and his deputy,” said Odinga.

“Go and ask Mr Deputy President which deep State are you talking about… we are not in government as ODM. So we don’t know about this deep state.”

Last week, Raila’s brother Oburu Odinga alluded to a “system” that allegedly blocked the former opposition leader’s ascension to power on numerous occasions.

“Why have we not gone to State House when we have won the presidency before? It’s because there is something we have been missing. That thing is called system. And now we are with Uhuru Kenyatta who is holding the system,” said Oburu.

In response, Raila Odinga said those were Oburu Odinga’s personal sentiments.

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