Auntie Jemimah Reveals How Cyberbullying Affected Her Relationship

August 13, 2020

Comedienne Wangari Nguri, better known as Auntie Jemimah, is the latest public figure to go public about suffering at the hands of cyberbullies.

The Gukena FM presenter said two years ago, she became the laughing stock on social media over her toned arms.

“They said my arms were masculine. I think it is because I hit the gym so much. I even stopped wearing open clothes as I was so insecure with myself,” she said.

Adding: “I started hating myself and I had self-esteem issues… like I was so affected. Outside I was happy but inside, I was not.”

In a YouTube interview, Auntie Jemimah said the cyberbullying cost her a relationship.

“It even affected my relationship. So tukikosana, I would think he was doing that because he thought I was ugly.”

The comedian said she had to seek psychological help to overcome her insecurities.

“I went for therapy for two months and after talking to them (therapist), I realised that when people say bad things about you, they want to be like you but can’t,” she said.

Jemimah noted that she is no longer afraid of flaunting her arms.

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