Akothee’s Daughter Opens Up On Parents’ Separation: I Used To Feel Like an Orphan

August 18, 2020

Akothee’s daughter, Vesha Okello, has shed some light on her parents’ separation and how she struggled to come to terms with it.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, Ms Okello narrated how desperate she was for her mom and dad to stay together.

“My parents separated when I was in class four. I could not understand why they had to break up,” she told presenter Massawe Japanni.

“One day they were arguing and I locked them up in a room and told them I would not open until they reconciled. I used to see on TV that divorced parents could still work out, so I didn’t understand why mine were not making things work.”

Vesha’s trick didn’t work, with matters getting worse after Akothee went MIA for close to two months.

“My mum left and never communicated at all, no one knew where she was. We did not hear from her for like two months, my dad then left us with his mother and went to look for a job,” Vesha recalled.

According to Vesha, she was left feeling like an orphan. “I used to feel like an orphan. I would mop the house and an uncle of mine would come with muddy shoes and dirt the house. So I had to mop again.”

Vesha said at some point she threatened to end her life and demanded that her mother come pick them up.

She then sent my aunt Cebbie to come and pick us up and we joined her (mum) in Nairobi,” she said.

Vesha added that she was initially furious with her father for not fighting for his family.

“I felt like I could not forgive him but my mum kept telling me that he was still my dad and I had to forgive him. At the time I felt like he was the problem. All this time he never explained why they were arguing in front of us. To date, he has never explained why the two divorced,” said Vesha.

“But right now we are very good friends. We talk and he advises me, now that I’m grown up I understand things better.”

Vesha further lauded her mother for raising them up well despite the divorce.

“Any man who will marry any of Akothee’s daughters will have landed a good wife, she has brought us up very well,” she stated.


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