Musician Akothee has for the first time gone public about her experience with domestic violence.

In a candid post on social media Wednesday, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers disclosed that the violence was meted out by her ex-husband Jared Okello.

She noted that it was the first time a “humble” Jared turned violent after they had lived together in harmony for a decade.

“My own Jared was and still a humble man, he was never violent, he had never beaten me up in front of our children. I don’t remember when we argued, we lived in harmony, most people admired our family life,” noted the mother of five.

Painting a picture of their harmonious marriage, Akothee disclosed that they led a humble life with their three daughters despite Jared earning a salary of Sh15000.

“Yes we were not really broke but we were trying. Jared was earning a salary of 15,000 Ksh as an accountant. With this money, we had to manage our 3 daughters, and live the life we understood. We admired people driving cars, Jared used to go ask for his friends cars to take us to church. I admired my husband driving ?I prayed to God to bless us with a car so our children could also enjoy what other children enjoy ? our church was full of able people, their children’s clothes were new from supermarkets. I and Jared went to gikomba at 5.00 am, bought clothes for our children and enough food for the month,” recalled Akothee.

Adding: “Our salary was small so we budgeted with what we had. We didn’t have a housegirl, I was fully a housewife, very organized, I would pump my fridge with food enough for the next paycheck. Jared would bring food every time he came from a trip, he knew my weakness was the kitchen, he never ate at the neighbors, he always rushed home for lunch ? I prepare his bathing water and by the time he comes from the bathroom his clothes and shoes well ironed and shoes brushed. When he was getting ready in the bedroom, breakfast was ready for him on the table, It’s unfortunate that the love ended without notice. That’s the only time violence appeared.”

Akothee went on to narrate that the only time Jared beat her up, she had gone home while drunk.

“…His attention was diverted and I felt left alone, so a friend of mine gave me alcohol and I came home drunk, that’s when ja SDA beat the hell out of me ?. Jared knows No violence, it was triggered by confusion. I had never told my children this, I was waiting for the right time to tell them why violence emerged after living peacefully for 10 solid years with their father.

The flamboyant businesswoman concluded: “Some of my friends cheated and mislead me, one of them who used to cheat on her husband? , lied to me to save her number as if she is my boyfriend, so she was to call me midnight and make Jared jealous. On the other hand, she alerted Jared too that I have a boyfriend? who calls at midnight, be careful with WOMEN.?”

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It's easier said than done ,but I tell you , dirvoce is worse than death , especially when children are involve ?.I would never ever wish for any parents to divorce after living together for years and bring up their children as a family, I am not saying you stay in a toxic, violent unsatisfactory relationship, but if it ever happens that their is need to break up ?then please try do it discently without involving your children?The only medal CUP I gained is trying as much as possible to cover my children's eyes never to see their father as an enemy ? it was hard ,I took bullets , I broke down when bills were overwhelming,my children never saw my tears , after my dirvoce ,they only learnt about my struggles on social media ,when I started sharing my past . My children will never understand when I have have money or not , they have never seen me struggle ?they think I have all solutions in the world ??and that's my strength. I bought them gifts every time my other children's fathers came to visit their children with gifts,I made sure I received the gifts first? combine with mines and present as a family . I forced every man in my life to love my children equally ?, but never asked them to call any of them daddy until OYOO WAS BORN it came automatically,They still had their biological father ,whom they Loved so much ,still love him ,they call him DAD . It was difficult at times when they insisted they wanted to talk to him, This broke me down severaly ,knowing he has moved on with another family and calling him will distruct his peace and the other family might feel like I am interfearing with their peace ?. I took them out Everytime if they were not in school ,we spent all our Saturdays and Sundays on the beach . We went to church once in a while ,since the songs sang in church would trigger the memories of the children since we brought them up in a strong church environment. ? I & Jared played a part in ruining our childrens happiness while growing up ,we broke their hearts to the core ?I know and we all know that it can never be the same ,inside them ,there are broken girls ,thank God they forgave us and we are living as a family now ?

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