Watch – Njugush’s Son, Tugi, Wins The Internet With Funny Question About Corona

July 30, 2020

Who needs ‘Njugush’ when you’ve got his son, Tugi?!

The fast-rising two-year-old funnyman is without a doubt a chip off the old block as he continues to cement his place as one of the darlings of Kenyan social media. When he is not saying ‘gari inaluluma’ or imitating Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, Tugi can be found on Instagram posing in his mother’s wigs.

The bubbly boy had another internet-winning moment Tuesday after his mother Celestine Ndinda shared a video in which she is seen applying a skincare face mask.

In the background, Tugi, who is not in the shot, is heard asking his mother what she was doing. Cele then tells Tugi that she is wearing a mask.

Almost instantly, Tugi dropped a punchline that left his mother and her Instagram followers in stitches. He asked his mother: “Ndio usishikwe na Colona?”

The funny mother-son moment had fans saying that it was time Tugi had his own YouTube channel.

“Tugi afunguliwe: YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram yake. Aki Puriiiz Aki Puriiiz ?,” wrote Chris Kirwa.

He was seconded by @tabspantuese, who commented: “Exactly what I was telling @celestinendinda ….it’s time.”

“Evening made???” said Grace Msalame.

Patricia Kihoro added: “Hahahahahahaha he’s adorable. And so smart!!”

Femcee Xtatic wrote: “Ndio usishikwe na Corona,” I’m deeeeeeeeeeeaaaad, sis. Deaaaaaad!!! Tugi is just … Sigh!! Wholesome!??”

“??? Tugi ako tu sawa. I mean mask mshaa mwambia ni ya corona ??‍♀️ so he just put 2 n 2 together. loool that boy is too bright for his age aki…… the connection??,” said @magz_njonge.

“I was having a bad day and this has changed eveeeerrrything!!!!?????” said Jacque Njagi.

@Itsmisnjoroge commented: “Tugi ameanza comedy mapema????”

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