Njugush’s Son Tugi Imitates Mutahi Kagwe and Everybody is Loving It – Watch

May 29, 2020

At just two years of age, Tugi, son to everybody’s favorite comedy couple – Njugush and Wakavinye, is proving that he has what it takes to fill his father’s funny shoes.

Tugi, who has naturally grown into a delightful cog in the wheel of the couple’s comedy venture, is a fan favorite on Instagram, where his mother, Celestine Ndinda, often shares his funny moments.


In the most recent one posted on Wednesday, Tugi left quite a handful of his fans in stitches after imitating Health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

In a short clip, Tugi mimics the minister’s famous warning to Kenyans over coronavirus: “If we continue to behave normally…”

With Wakavinye behind the camera, Tugi is seen speaking into a body microphone and reacting delightfully to hearing his voice on the speakers.

Once he had the hang of his father’s toy, Tugi then imitated Kagwe, leaving Wakavinye in stitches.

She captioned the clip: “??? Tugi has a message for all of you?.”

Watch Tugi’s message below and some reactions from Kenyans:


Bienaimesol: Hahahahahahaha The rebirth. Sasa huyu ni Njugush na Celest. Aki atatumaliza. Mchanganyiko maalum ❤️”
Abelmutua: “????? Ah!!! Amekafunga!!! Shut down the internet.”
Anerlisa Muigai: “Woiye So Happy. ???. Bless Him.’
Blessednjugush: “???????HE makes my heart so full?????”
Blessednjugush: “Mimi huwaambia haka nikamzee kadogo kamsoto???”
J.j.nganga: “???????my son in law???woow ive watched like 10times”
Haven_liz:????asiyeskia la mutahi kagwe askie la tugi”
Kiki.g.kinyua: “??? huyu ni Mtoto wa Njugush na Wakavinye ?”
Wa_tele: “I thank God for this boy whenever I see him ……He makes me laugh a gooood one!???????”
Abdirahmanmwanawa: “Like father like son ? ?”
Shhii_baeby: “?????? Tugi you Wil treat us abnormally”

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