Check out TEN Gorgeous Photos that Prove that Norway-based Kenyan Singer Naiga Kenya is the Queen of the Quarantine

June 4, 2020

Naiga Kenya is not your average artist – she’s not just a hugely-talented music phenomena but also a buoyant woman who knows how to live life and live it to the fullest.

All around the World, from Asia to Europe to Africa, millions of people gave been forced to stay at home, avoid crowds, observe social distancing, stay away from clubs and nightspots and generally just almost become some sort of house inmates due to the coronavirus.

But while many have been complaining about their new boring lifestyle, Niaga Kenya seems to be living her life like the Norwegian Princess she is.

Even as the social distancing rules apply world over, women like Naiga Kenya have refused to let the virus kill their fun – she’s still bubbly, still living it up, still sipping some expensive champagne, still appearing in beautiful places with her children and is still catching the good, fresh Norwegian beachside air.

“There are no concerts, no shows, no air travel, no club appearances and stuff like that. But that shouldn’t force you to sit at home, bored and dying. You can still enjoy life even while alone or with your little kids. Sip some wine, take some cute photos, do some makeup, grab some takeaway food, go out, take in some fresh air, drive around, keep yourself alive… ” Naiga advises.

And no one knows how to stay sexy and hot amid a virus than his eye-popping Kenyan beauty.

A cursory scroll through her Instagram page will reveal a woman who has mastered the fine art of living like a goddess and experiencing the best parts of life.

‘I’m affected just like everyone else… But damn it, I ain’t gonna let that turn me into a sad slob, ” the singer says.

From magnificent designer sunglasses, to picturesque views of her hangout, from thirst-inducing photos of her sweet wine to relaxed views of her idyllic chill spots, this is one lady that sure does know how to live the good life.

Check out TEN photos hat will prove that Naiga Kenya is the Queen of the quarantine.

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