Coronavirus Deals Blow to Njugush’s New Show

June 4, 2020

As you’re already aware, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected all sectors imaginable, including television, where everybody’s favorite comedian, Timothy Kimani alias Njugush, has been dealt a blow.

Just two months after the funnyman made his comeback on TV, his promising and entertaining cop dramedy – Andakava – is taking a break.

In a statement released on Wednesday, ‘Andakava’ producer Philip Karanja said coronavirus had affected production.

“As you all know, COVID-19 aka Miss Rona decided to stop reggae. Most productions just like ours were greatly affected. Because of the long break all the episodes we had shot were aired and hence prompting the broadcaster to find a temporary solution,” said Phil.

The former ‘Tahidi High’ actor, however, noted that the show which airs on Maisha Magic Plus DStv CH 163 will be back in a few weeks’ time.

“Lakini Sisi ni Nani!!! We are slowly learning this is our new normal and as such we will be back in a few short weeks. Thank you for your continued support. Otherwise, Tumaintain Anda Kava pale kwa Keja, hii virus isitufanye ile kitu. We still need you around,” said Karanja in a statement also shared by Njugush.

While ‘Andakava’ might be taking a break, fans of Njugush can catch his hilarious antics in his other new situational comedy, ‘Masaibu Ya Njugush’, which premiered on NTV on Monday this week.

On social media, the funnyman has been earning plaudits for his timely satire dubbed ‘Black Peas Matter/Human Beans Matter’.

Check it out.

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