Relatives of Widow Who Boiled Stones “have been trying to steal her money”

May 22, 2020

Relatives of a woman who boiled stones to “feed” her children have reportedly been trying to steal the money she has been receiving from wellwishers.

This was revealed this week during a meeting by the eight-member committee formed by the national government to manage Peninah Bahati’s newfound wealth.

Kisauni deputy county commissioner Jamleck Mbuba said some of Bahati’s relatives have been trying to steal her money from the bank and M-Pesa accounts.

“They even stole her national ID card and went to the bank with it hoping they would be able to withdraw some money,” Mbuba said.

The committee has since resolved to relocate Bahati to a four-bedroom house as she awaits the construction of her new home.

Mombasa county senior social worker Elvina Mzungu said the house is situated at an undisclosed location so that Bahati and her children can have a change of environment and ease the pressure from opportunistic relatives and people.

Bahati will also be registered in the National Hospital Insurance Fund for the next three years.

“This is so that whenever she or any of her children gets sick, she will be treated at almost no cost at a public hospital,” Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo, who is also in the committee, said.

Naivas Supermarket Nyali has also donated a Sh50,000 voucher for Bahati while the Children’s department and Education ministry will take care of her children’s education.

Bahati, who lost four-month-old Mary Kaingu on May 7, has seven children. Her firstborn, Dama Kaingu, is 22 years old and dropped out in Form 3.

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