Didmus Barasa Compares Raila to a Slay Queen Who Has No Respect for the First Wife

May 22, 2020

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has taken a swipe at the coalition deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, describing the ODM leader as a slay queen who is intent on wrecking the Jubilee home.

The vocal lawmaker declared that MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto will not allow an outsider to destroy the ruling Jubilee Party.

His entry to Jubilee government can be compared to a slay queen. The slay queen was picked up on the road and brought to our mansion but she has no respect for the first wife. She keeps insulting the main wife hoping she runs away but we as the children of the first wife will not allow our home to be destroyed by a slay queen,” Barasa said.

If it would take death, sacking & intimidation of civil servants who are perceived allied to William Ruto to get this country back, so be it. We are ready to put our lives on line like Kenyans who did b4 us to protect our constitution & struggle our fore fathers put in because we believe in democracy and the rule of law,” he added.

Death Threats

Barasa was speaking to journalists at the Parliament building on Thursday. He was accompanied by Mugirango South MP Silvanus Osoro, who alleged a plot to eliminate MPs allied to DP Ruto.

“We are aware of plans to eliminate certain MPs as retaliation and a way to warn others over their stand. Some MPs have received credible threats on their life yet nothing was done. An elite squad was recently disbanded by the DCI after its plans to harm political leaders leaked out,” said Osoro.

They also accused the government of turning Judiciary and security agencies into political tools.

“This nefarious scheme shall be undertaken using the now-familiar tactics of intimidation, blackmail and extortion of judicial officers and MPs. Threats of recall, threats of life and withdrawal of personal security, targeted harassment of family members are among the many dangerous tactics that the security agencies are using to achieve,” the MPs said in the joint statement read by Osoro.

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