Raila is Not God, I Will Not Beg, Says Ousted MP

May 29, 2020

The member of parliament for South Mugirango Constituency, Silvanus Osoro, has played down his ejection from the Agriculture and Livestock Committee and the Committee of Implementation.

Osoro was among nine legislators who were removed from several assembly committees during the Nasa Parliamentary Group meeting on Wednesday.

Responding to his ouster, Osoro, who is allied to DP Ruto, said he would not beg for his job back.

“I will not beg Raila Odinga, he is not God. I will not be like Narok Senator Ledama and swear my loyalty to him,” he said.

The Kenya National Congress legislator added that Junet Mohammed’s announcement kicking him out did not bear any weight as his party does not have a formal coalition agreement with ODM.

“ODM and KNC don’t have a coalition agreement so Junet can’t remove me. We shall square it out in the house but let them feel powerful now,” he added as quoted by Kenyans.co.ke.

Osoro also reiterated his allegiance to DP Ruto stating: “I stand by my principals and that is to support William Ruto.”

He also said that losing the committee role was of little consequence as members are only entitled to a few privileges including allowances.

“Being a committee member just gives you some privileges, nothing special. We shall still survive as members of parliament and serve our people,” he

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