New KeMusic – Sanaipei Tande Calls For Women to Shoot Their Shots in ‘Mdaka Mdakiwa’

May 15, 2020

Sanaipei Tande’s music comes one in a blue moon but when it finally does, it is surely worth the wait.

The sultry Kenyan songbird has unleashed her newest project dubbed ‘Mdaka Mdakiwa’, which basically calls for women to be comfortable with making the first move, contrary to societal norms.

Sana says ‘Mdaka Mdakiwa’  turns the tables and suggests approaching things from a different/new perspective.

The singer, songwriter and actress advocates for an out of the box kind of thinking where a lady can make her intentions known to a rather conservative man, who reciprocates her feelings yet without emasculating him.

In the single, Sanaipei, who started her musical journey at the age of 19 after winning the 2004 East Africa Coca-Cola Popstars Talent Search, proves why she is one of the best vocalists and songwriters in the country.

In ‘Mdaka Mdakiwa’, Sana remains true to herself and her brand of releasing songs with a message that can impact society in a positive way.

“For me my music has to have a message and it is not just about party, party, party. But unfortunately, globally, music is going the party way and so now everyone is all about how can I do the next best party jam?

“Music is now just not educative and artistes need to understand that they need to impact the society in a more positive way,” Sana said in a past interview.

Check out ‘Mdaka Mdakiwa’ below. Rating 10/10…It’s Sanaipei ffs.

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