I’m The Best Femcee in Kenya: Meet Upcoming Rapper Murasta

May 11, 2020

Susan Wanjiru, better know as Murasta, is an upcoming rapper who hails from Dagoretti in Nairobi. With just a couple of songs out, Murasta is confident enough in her rapping skills to claim that she is the best femcee in town at the moment.

Here are some things to know about Murasta.

Why the name Murasta?

I used to have dreadlocks kitambo and everyone used to call me Murasta all the time. I even used to keep changing my profile name on Instagram all the time, so once I got into music the name just fit so well as I was known by it a lot.

Tell us more about yourself and other things you have done?

I’m a simple girl with a small sister who was raised by a single mother. I finished high school back in 2017. I used to be a member of the Journalism club both in primary and high school. The oddest job I have ever done was a hostess at Sands Club in Adlife then a waitress and my salary was Sh15,000 and this was immediately after high school. If I wasn’t doing music, I would be a chef. I’m doing music now but I’m willing to do other things though I would like to do music full time. I get psyched by the people and positive energy around me.

Describe your music?

My music is more of something I’m going through, my views basically all about me and my life. I’m music and music is me. I’ve been doing music for a year now and I have three songs on my YouTube channel. I have written many other songs which are yet to be released. I have no videos out yet but I’m working on one at the moment.

Your music five years from now?

I plan on releasing albums and hit songs for my fans both here and globally. I hope to be well known and earning a lot of money from my music. It’s been a year so far and I’m already earning a bit of cash from my music and I’m working towards more.

When did you join Jamdown Shafflas?

Selector Dennoh approached me after he spotted my talent. He asked me to come on board we go live and showcase my talent. With time I saw we both can go far so I appreciate the opportunity to be part of them.

As a hip-hop artiste, are you part of the Gengetone wave?

I can’t say I’m not part of it but I feel Gengetone music has brought out a revolution in music that no other type has. A while back most deejays and clubs used to play a lot of Naija music but now that has changed. Gengetone has taken over. I’m a hip-hop artiste and I can still do Gengetone.

Why the negativity towards Gengetone and what would you say is different with your music.?

People tend to listen to the lyrics and feel it’s too explicit, especially when children listen to it and sing the words. The effect it has on them is what makes parents hate this music. I think the same thing happens in other countries, only that Sheng at times sounds very savage. If I could change, I would do a Gengetone song that’s not too raunchy or too sexual in both the lyrics and video as that’s the major issue with it now.

What is your inspiration to being an artist?

I just love music and everything about it, writing my own songs as I can feel it inside as I compose the songs. Actually, I used to be a singer but I enjoyed rapping more. It takes me just a day to write down a full song with its full bars. I write songs based on what I see and feel. I don’t think about the type of bars to write but I write what I feel.

Your take on Kenyan hip-hop both past and current?

Kenyan hip-hop music has come a long way, but the upcoming artists are now taking over. The pioneers are still there, but we are the ones now leading the way. I would love to work with Nyashinski, Khaligraph Jones Juacali, Juliani and even E-Sir, although he is long gone.

Of the Kenyan female rappers, who inspires you and who is at the top?

I’m not hating but I think I’m the best… no, I don’t think, I know I’m the best because what I’m doing is so different. What others have done is all good but I feel mine is better. I like Femi One, Fena, Silverstone Barz, Young Betty and other upcoming artistes. Nazizi is a legend and a pro in what she does. I’m also inspired by Nicki Minaj and Cardi B as their music amazes me and they have done a lot.

My dream collaboration?

I would start off from here with Zzero. He is talented and a bad rapper. I’m sure we would do a great hit. I would also want to do a collabo with Khaligraph although I’m not so much into him. Looking at the Khali Cartel songs he has done with upcoming artistes, he doesn’t follow up with them. It’s like he tells them ‘I’m giving you this platform, but if you cannot do something for yourself then this is as far as I can go with you’. I want someone who is a legend and they will follow up to see how you are doing and guide you in your music, tell you what you are doing right or wrong.

Courtesy: Chillax

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