Country Music Singer Elvis Nyaruri Talks Fashion and Style

May 11, 2020

Kenyan country music singer Elvis Nyaruri talks about his fashion tastes.

Start us off by telling us why you chose country music?

I have a golden voice. Meaning, I was born to be listened to. And when it comes to country music, it’s more about storytelling.

Secondly, our country is more of a farming country. thus we resonate more with the music culture.

How can you describe your style?

I’d say I am a loud or bubbly individual. Showman is the best word. I enjoy attention considering my line of business.

So, my stylist Angela Wambui ensures my appearance is as loud as my voice.

What’s your easiest look to pull through?

Fitting jeans, a nice shirt, boots, Stetson hat, a nice belt, some cool shades, a nice necklace and a detailed watch.

Who inspires your dress and why?

I have several guys I look up to as far as style is concerned. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Prince Rogers, John Travolta, Prezzo, Brian Kelly, Miano Muchiri, George Keith, Big Ted, Rudolph Valentino, Anrea Bocelli, Sean Combs, Frank Sinatra, James Bond and Pablo Escobar. The list is just endless.

I think this is because I have a have a fine taste when it comes to the finer things in life. Call it Italian eye. Ha-ha-ha.

We’d not catch you dead in a…

Off-white attire. They look like toys!

Who are the most stylish Kenyan celebrities?

For the gentleman, it has to be myself, Prezzo, Miano Muchiri, Otile Brown, Sauti Sol, Jeff Koinange, Governor Hassan Joho, King Kanja, Shaffie Weru and Ted Kwaka.

For the ladies, it’s Angela Wambui, Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika, Tracy Wanjiru, Michelle Ntalami, Caroline Mutoko, Olive Gachara, Annabelle Onyango, Julie Gichuru and Lilian Muli.

What’s your favourite fragrance?

Christian Dior brings out the ‘female’ out of me. No homo please!

The most expensive item in your closet is?

My Hublot watch. It was a gift from a valued friend.

Which item has the most sentimental value to you?

My performance costumes. I feel like my designer put all the heart and soul in making the masterpieces. They definitely look like an angel’s skin, quite literally.

One tip to a poor dresser…

A poor dresser is one who pays less attention on the details. The art is in the details. That’s the ultimate secret!

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