Meet Kabaddi Player, Runway Model, and Fashion Guru, Haggai Odhiambo

May 11, 2020

Haggai Odhiambo Zuma is a Jack of all trades; he is a fashion guru, international Kabaddi player, runway model and fashion designer.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? 

I am a professional sportsman who plays Kabaddi game internationally. I am also a runway model and fashion designer.

My dad and uncle on the other hand were once football players who played for the Kenya national team Harambee Stars. That automatically moulded me to become a sportsman, albeit in a different field.

How did you discover your love for fashion? 

I have always been passionate about dressing well and following trends since my high school days.

No fashion magazine would pass me and from that, I used to steal a few styles and incorporate them on my own.

Why did you separate yourself from street fashion house Jamdown Fashion House?

The fashion house still exists. D’man Mkare and I decided to make our personal brands more visible as he focused on launching his own fashion line and I wanted to focus on my sport and being a runway model.

I also relocated to the United States because of the games, which was a minor setback when it comes to the fashion house. However, I am still part and parcel as a model.

As a full-time Kabaddi player representing Kenya, how are you able to incorporate your fashion prowess into the sport?

One thing people should realise is that fashion is everywhere and it’s how you choose to display it.

I try as much to let my fellow players know that being a sportsman doesn’t limit you to sweatpants and vests.

How has the runway impacted on your career? 

I have been featured as a runway model and part-time designer at the JW Show, currently one of the biggest fashion events in Kenya.

This has made me mingle with big designers locally and internationally, which has helped in exchanging cultures, sharpening my runway skills and widening my network.

How can you define your style and how do you play around with colours and designs?

I can describe my style as smart casual. When it comes to colours, I have no limits. I can pop the brightest of colours and play around with it to give an awesome look.

Who dresses you? 

Slatta Styles who is part of the Jamdown Fashion House. His fashion thoughts are broad and he does not limit himself.

How then does your style reveal your personality?

I am a brave and classic man; attributes I try to showcase in some of my outfits.

Spotting me in a lime green silk shirt is brave as I throw in a pair of white pants, which makes the outfit smart and classic.

What do you think Kenyans should embrace more when it comes to fashion? 

I think Kenyans are still scared of extreme high fashion style. We only have a few bold ones.

However, most are stuck to basic attires and as you can see, most of our celebrities are never recognised by their looks because they are too basic and obvious.

Do you have fashion trends that you are currently crushing on? 

As a fashionista, I don’t follow trends. But some are eye catchy outfits that I appreciate such as colourful silk shirts, fish net vests, bright coloured shorts and raincoats paired with suits.

Who are your favourite designers and how do they influence your style?

I support local and with that, I believe Ashok Kenya and Slats Styles are worth my praise. They have an eye for classy clothings and patterns, which I am currently into.

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