Huddah Begs For Change in Curfew Hours, “I’m More Active at Night”

April 1, 2020

Nairobi-based socialite Huddah Monroe is having it rough since self-isolation and quarantine became part of the new world order.

In a series of posts on her socials, the Huddah Cosmetics owner acknowledged that social distancing and isolation has humbled her. In fact, the famous sex symbol has been humbled to a point of having to beg for ‘horizontal refreshments’.

“I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me!” wrote Monroe, adding: “I feel a caged animal or an inmate.”

Huddah also took issue with the 10-hour curfew imposed in Kenya, suggesting it should be in effect during the day because she is as nocturnal as a lady of the night.

“This 8 pm to 6 am curfew is dead a**. I am more active at night! I wanna dress up and go disturb people. Can they change the curfew to 8 am to 6 pm?” she posed.

The outspoken Instagram personality also made an observation of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected marriages.

“I see why husbands have fallen in love with their wives. And breaking up with their sides. Humble Yourself coz there’s nowhere else to go.” Huddah posted.

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