Zari Serves Savage Clapback to Troll Over ‘Prostitute’ Remark

February 18, 2020

South Africa based Ugandan businessman Zari Hassan once again proved that she doesn’t suffer fools gladly when she hit back at an internet troll over the weekend.

The mother of five was up to her usual flexin’ on the gram when a troll commented on her photo with a sensational allegation that Zari is a prostitute.

In fact, the IG user identified as Cute_NaomiTz, dared to ask Zari if she had stopped “selling her wares”.

“Vipi umeacha Umalaya siku hizi,” wrote the troll.

As expected, Zari responded with one of her trademark savage clapbacks that we love to see. She wrote back, “tukiuza K*ma nizako ndo zinateseka ama tunakuombanga kutusafishia?”

In a subsequent interaction with another fan, Zari joked that, “Utasema yeye(Cute_Naomi) ndio ananipanuaga miguu”.


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