51 Capital Launches Entrepreneurial Literacy Campaign for Teenagers

February 18, 2020

In the world of gambling, pornography, dark web and other internet vices, it’s highly important that we keep our young ones preoccupied with useful internet activities or watch them perish in the cycle of criminality.

And to start it off, 51 Capital, a leading Forex Trading company, has decided to fill in the void and keep our young ones not just rewarded for using the internet – but also well-educated on matters business and money making.

51 Capital has moved to empowering the youth, boosting education, literacy and awarding witty essay writers.

51 Capital, one of Africa’s most reputable Forex trading firms, with lush offices in Nairobi, Eldoret and others upcoming in two towns, has now launched a viral literacy campaign to award schools with the best entrepreneurial brains.

‘Entrepreneurship is not just the preserve of the adults and the rich. Entrepreneurship is a human talent that anyone can venture into regardless of age, creed, tribe, gender or social disposition,’ Joe Kariuki, 51 Capital CEO says.

‘We have therefore launched the first-ever nationwide campaign to tap into the entrepreneurial talents of the school going kids. We want to see just how well-versed they are in matters business’

Titled Project U&I, the initiative is aimed at ensuring that students learn entrepreneurship in school.

‘We want to enrich the minds of our young people and empower them, by assisting them with the equipment and information needed,’ their website says.

Participants must be 12 to 18 years old and must belong to an institution – either a school or a church.

By registering your school or church, you’re open to an opportunity to learn and compete through 51 Business Club-PROJECT U&I by submitting a strictly 1,000-word essay on entrepreneurship.

“The topic for the essay is ‘Importance of Entrepreneurship’,which should be in either English or Swahili. You must show in your essay that you have done enough research on business and entrepreneurship to be ranked among the best performing. The essay will be uploaded directly to our Website by the institution.”, Gathoni Waweru, Head of Operations at 51 Capital, says.

By participating in this project, the institutions get to gain popularity and showcase their prowess in understanding business, research and literature.

51 Capital will also give lessons on Forex Trading, how to operate Digital Currencies, business profiling, among others.

The best part is that the winning student gets a years-supply of free books and wins their institution FREE computers!

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