‘Sickly-looking Chinese Man’ Causes Panic in Naivasha Hotel

February 13, 2020
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Diners at a hotel in Naivasha, Nakuru County scampered for their lives after a “sickly-looking” man of Asian descent entered the eatery and ordered food.

K24 TV on Tuesday reported that the incident occurred near Kamere Estate at a restaurant that is popular with foreigners. As the ‘Chinese’ looking man ordered his food, diners fled the scene out of fear of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

“The man was definitely sick and due to fear of the coronavirus, people fled from the hotel before he also left,” an eyewitness identified as Joel Wahome told K24 TV.

He said residents in the area have been living in fear given that there are tens of Chinese nationals working in various projects in the area, including geothermal drilling and SGR.

Health officials who were alarmed by the incident at the restaurant went to the scene but found the foreigner had left. They, however, resolved not to take any chances and began training workers in disease surveillance in the county.

“Our officers had been informed of an ailing foreigner but on arriving in the hotel he had already left and no one had is personal details,” Nakuru Health Chief Officer Samuel King’ori said.

“We shall conduct a three-day training workshop for select health workers in the country in the wake of the outbreak in China,” he added.

King’ori noted that Nakuru would be the first county in Kenya to train its health workers on surveilling the new coronavirus.

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