‘Forgive Moi. He Had His Faults But He Loved Peace’ – Religious Leaders

February 13, 2020

A group of clerics has called on Kenyans and political detainees oppressed by former President Daniel Moi to forgive him.

Led by Interfaith Network Secretary-General Archbishop Stephen Kalunyu and Council of Imams Chairperson Col Hassan Bonaya, the religious leaders acknowledged that Moi had his faults like any other human.

“He even sought forgiveness after leaving the top leadership and, as believers, we must forgive others for God to forgive us. Moi was a human being like any other and though he had his own faults he wanted Kenyans to live in peace, love and unity,” said Archbishop Kalunyu.

The leaders hailed Moi as a generous leader who contributed to the growth of education in the country.

They also said the former president will be remembered for minimal graft cases and efficient service delivery.

“We had minimal cases of corruption during his time and services were so efficient,” said Ahmed Sett, the Interfaith Network Chair.

Sett, who was awarded Head of State Commendation by President Moi in 1998 for agitating for women’s rights, said the former president stressed the need for Christians and Muslims to live in peace.

The clerics urged elected leaders to follow in Moi’s philosophy of peace, love and unity that was in line with religious doctrine.

On his part, Col Bonaya eulogised Moi as a strict and principled leader, a trait he said every president must possess.

“Politicians must always remember Moi’s slogan of Siasa Mbaya Maisha Mbaya (Bad Politics, Bad life) and embrace his [Moi’] philosophy of Peace, Love and Unity for growth and development of our country,” said Bonaya.

The clergymen spoke after signing the condolence book at Isiolo County Commissioner’s office this week.

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