Ben Pol on Meeting U.S Rapper Gucci Mane: “It was a Good Connection”

February 6, 2020

As ridiculous as it might sound, Ben Pol might be cooking up something with American rapper Gucci Mane. Lol!

The Bongo star has hinted to fans to expect something soon following his encounter with the Trap pioneer at an event in Miami late last year.

Speaking with Wasafi media, Ben Pol said he didn’t get to talk much with Gucci Mane but he did form a good connection with his team.

“I was interacting with people and I was at the VIP with Gucci Mane and his team, but we really didn’t talk too much because he was like the centre of attention and everyone wanted to talk to him.”

Ben Pol said he was able to discuss “many things” with Gucci Mane’s team and fans will soon see what came out of that encounter.

“Most of the time I spoke to the manager and the organiser and it was a privilege being there because there are so many things that were spoken about, which will come to light soon. It was a good connection.”

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