Anerlisa Muigai Opens Up About “Cold” Sister Who Introduces Her As a Friend[PHOTOS]

February 6, 2020

Monied Instagram personality Anerlisa Muigai has finally opened up about her little-known younger sister, Tecra, revealing why she never publishes her pictures on the photo-sharing platform.

The Keroche heiress is known to share pictures of her parents and brothers, but her sister has always been conspicuously missing, with some of Anerlisa’s 840K followers unaware of her existence.

Naturally, this has raised eyebrows about their relationship, and Anerlisa finally addressed the speculation on Instatories.

The NERO Company CEO explained that Tecra hates being in the limelight and that she goes to great lengths to avoid it.

Apparently, when they’re out in public and they meet people, Tecra leaves Anerlisa like they don’t know each other.

My sister is so cold towards me. When we walk together then she sees a lot of people, she always leaves me like somebody she doesn’t know. (That is always embarrassing to me btw),” she wrote.

Ms Muigai added that her sister even introduces her as a friend and denies her as well.

“She also introduces me as her friend lol. The worst is when she denies me. She just hates the spotlight and that is why I don’t post her on my page even if it’s a family photo,” said Ms Muigai.

Check out some photos of Tecra below.

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