Sorry Fellas! YouTuber Wabosha Maxine is Taken!

January 31, 2020

Sad news reaching our newsdesk for the esteemed members of Team Mafisi indicate that YouTuber Wabosha Maxine is taken.

The make-up artiste finally let the cat out of the bag with regards to her dating life in an interview with podcaster John Telewa alias The Kiss Bandit. Ms Wabosha confirmed that she was in a relationship but keeping it private.

She also opened up on a past relationship in which she was heavily dependent on her boyfriend.

There’s a relationship I was in and I actually discovered that I got so used to having someone there that even doing things on my own became hard. Even just going out and filming by myself was a problem. I was so used to having company. When I got out of that I took a break for a really long time and focused on really being able to do stuff by myself,” said Maxine.

The vlogger said the break allowed her to become a “whole person” before committing to another relationship.

“I think I separated myself and became a whole person first before including another person so that with or without that person I am still okay. Life goes on. So, I don’t feel the need to drag someone alone when I’m doing everything,” she said.

On her current relationship, Wabosha said she was keeping it private because she didn’t want to put her partner in a compromising situation given how netizens like digging up dirt especially after a breakup.

The rule that I follow is keep your relationship life private but don’t keep your partner a secret. Like its not a secret that I am dating this person but you won’t see me plastering it. If I meet subscribers out in the city, I actually introduce him and I’m like this is him but you won’t see me shouting it,” explained the content creator.

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