17 Maize Flour Brands Declared Unfit for Human Consumption

January 31, 2020

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has declared 17 maize brands unfit for human consumption after they failed to meet quality standards.

The brands are Dola, Afya, Uzima, Sungura, City Corn, Sarafina, Tosha, Jomba, Adardere Mupa, Tetema, African King, Unique, Mlo, Hakika Best, Budget, Shiba, and Wema.

The standards body said the maize flour brands have high aflatoxin levels and they should be withdrawn from the market.

“While conducting its mandate of market surveillance, KEBS tested maize meal brands and has found some of them to contain levels of aflatoxins higher that the requirement,” director market surveillance Peter Kaigwara said.

“This is to request you to pull those products out of supermarkets shelves. We will make arrangements to collect them,” he added in a statement on Thursday.

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