Govt Won’t Evacuate Kenyans in China – Ambassador Sarah Serem

January 30, 2020

There is no need to evacuate Kenyans in China, Kenya’s Ambassador to China Sarah Serem has said.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV Wednesday, Serem said Kenyan nationals in China are safe from the coronavirus.

She noted that the Chinese government is better equipped to handle the virus; hence, there is no need to risk exposing the Kenyan population by evacuating Kenyans in Wuhan.

“I don’t think Kenya is ready to deal with the virus. The government of China is in a better position to deal with the virus and bringing Kenyans in china back to Kenya will only further expose the rest to the danger of infection,” she said.

The envoy added: “I would not advise trying to extract Kenyans in Wuhan until we are sure they are safe from the virus. Let us be patient for a resolution, Kenyans are safe and no one has been reported to be infected with the virus.”

Serem noted she had to cancel her annual leave due to the coronavirus scare and that the Embassy is in communication with Kenyans in China.

“We are in communication with all the students in china  and we have given them emergency numbers to call in case of anything,” she said.

“We are trying to comfort them that the government is doing everything they can.”

Serem had called on Kenya Airways to suspend flights to China but the national carrier said it would not.

Kenya Airways, however, said it was closely monitoring the situation and it would take the necessary steps if required to do so.

“Cancellation of the flights is on the table but we are monitoring and we will take the action as soon as there’s imminent danger,” the airline’s acting chief executive officer Allan Kilavuka said Wednesday.

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