Sabina Chege Visits Jimmy Gait and Other Kenyans Seeking Treatment in India

August 23, 2019

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait was delighted after Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege paid him a visit in India, where he is undergoing specialized treatment.

The legislator visited the singer together with other Kenyans seeking treatment in India in a show of support.

Jimmy Gait said Sabina Chege was also on a fact-finding mission for the benefit of the Kenyan healthcare system. He said the woman rep was able to gather information on why most Kenyans flock the Asian country for treatment.

Mheshimiwa Sabina Chege came to visit Kenyans who are ailing here in India. She has gathered some good information on why so many Kenyans are coming here and how the government can intervene to improve our health sector. Wapi likes za Mheshimiwa!” wrote Jimmy Gait.

The visit by Sabina comes days after Jimmy Gait was forced to rubbish reports that he is suffering from throat cancer.

Without revealing what he is ailing from, Jimmy Gait only said it is a rare condition.

I have not been well, I have been battling a condition and gone to quite a number of hospitals and it has been decided that I have to go out of the country for special treatment and medical attention,” he said.

I would like to highlight something that I have noticed on social media going on and there is a rumour saying that I have come here for cancer treatment, that I have throat cancer I don’t know where that came from but I would really appeal to anybody spreading those kind of rumours to kindly desist because we are still doing tests and until the results are out it’s not right for you to spread those kind of rumours. It’s already affecting my parents so much, my family, my close people and fans that love me they are worried about me,” he said.

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