King Kaka Left Bloodied as Rapper Walks From Nairobi to Nakuru for Noble Cause

August 23, 2019

Nairobi-based rapper Kennedy Obimba, colloquially known by his stage name King Kaka, is still going strong despite sustaining injuries in his noble campaign to provide young schoolgirls with sanitary towels.

King Kaka has been walking from Nairobi to Nakuru – a distance of 150 kilometers – in an initiative dubbed ‘Bank On Me Sanitary’. He kicked off the walk dubbed ‘Bank On Me Menstrual Walk 2019’ on Monday, August 19, 2019 in Nairobi.

As of Thursday afternoon, he was on his way to Gilgil town having covered over 90 kilometres in four days.

The Remy Martin brand ambassador has been keeping his fans updated on social media, and the noble walk has evidently taken a toll on King Kaka.

In addition to swollen feet, the UNICEF Kenya advocate has since sustained two injuries, the second of which left him with a bloodied sock on his right foot.

“Injury number 2. Anyway, the walk continues,” he captioned the pic as fans cheered him on.

The walk will culminate with a musical concert in Nakuru town on August 24.

Through the initiative, King Kaka plans to keep 100,000 girls in school by providing them with the crucial sanitary towels.

Kaka Empire MD Dennis Njenga said they “have reached about 12,000 girls with the Bank on Me Sanitary Campaign so far and we hope to reach 15,000 more within this year.”

“Join us or go to our website or Paybill 894889, Account Number ‘Menstrual Walk.’ Remember Sh600 keeps one girl in school for a whole year,” King Kaka said.

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