KRA – We Will Not Relent on War Against Tax Evaders

August 23, 2019

The Kenyan taxman has warned that it will not relent in its crackdown against tax fraud and evasion by Kenyan corporates.

In a statement on Thursday, the Kenya Revenue Authority noted it is mandated with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

KRA observed that revenue is critical in achieving the country’s transformation agenda. The taxman said revenue collection has increased from Sh201 billion in 2002/03 to Sh1.58 trillion in 2018/19 representing a growth of over 68 percent.

“This tremendous growth demonstrates that this country will significantly reduce reliance on debt if all persons required to pay taxes pay their rightful share of taxes,” KRA said.

“We salute and celebrate the majority of Kenyans who have continued to pay their rightful share of taxes.”

The taxman implored those who have not been complying with tax laws to do so before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

“KRA shall continue supporting them even as they endeavour to comply with tax laws. KRA  is committed to guiding them in the process of determination and payment of taxes for the greater good of the country,” the statement reads in part.

KRA further cautioned Kenyans to reject the narrative that it is fighting any individual or business.

“On the contrary, KRA has the additional responsibility of trade facilitation under which we support a business environment that is conducive for the growth of the business, which further results in increased taxes,” KRA reiterated.

“All we desire is that all eligible taxpayers make every effort to pay their rightful share of taxes. KRA is determined to pursue those who have deliberately chosen to evade taxes through various practice.”

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