What Anita Nderu Hopes Kenya Will Be Like in her 60s

July 12, 2019

Oh what a wonderful life it would be! Anita Nderu has painted an almost perfect world of what the future would be like if it was up to her.

On Thursday, as social media users jumped on the popular #TBT trend, the media girl reflected on both her past and future. Sharing pictures of the various stages of her 29-year-old life, the TV presenter said she was challenged to envision what her life would be like in her 60s.

“I was challenged to think about what I would want my future to look like when I am in my 60’s God willing and how I would envision our country being at that time if all goes well,” wrote Anita in a long post on Instagram.

On her personal ambitions, Anita said she hopes to have worked for E! Africa, written an autobiography, married the love of her life and had two children of her own and one adopted.

“By the time I am in my 60’s I hope to have worked for @eonlineafrica, opened a physical location for my bakery that will provide summer internship programs for aspiring bakers, traveled around the world with my loved ones, helped come up with programs that benefit youth in need, the homeless and ex-cons, written an autobiography, married the love of my life and had two children and adopted one, dropped two rap albums ? I kidd,” said Ms Nderu.

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On her aspirations for Kenya as a country, we might as well force Anita to run for the presidency in 2022 because a girl can dream.

Here’s what she hopes for:

“I hope when I am in my 60’s, healthcare and education will be free for all and world-class. Water, food and electricity will be available to all.

“I hope proper programs will be put in place to rehabilitate street families. How orphanages are run will be streamlined to avoid donor exploitation without the children benefiting and proper adoption channels set up. The greedy will have left leadership positions and finally, we will have leaders who care more about a developed country than their pockets. Si we are hoping? Let me hope!

“We’ll have well planned out infrastructure. I hope we’ll have our own successful version of Silicon Valley by then. A vaccine for HIV will have been discovered. I hope their will be a class in schools teaching patriotism and the importance of mental health.”


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