9 Things Anita Nderu Wishes She Would Have Done Differently in her 20s

March 8, 2019

Regrets, missed opportunities, bad decisions, et al; don’t we all have our fair share in this journey called life.

On that note, Anita Nderu recently looked back into her life and disclosed some of the things she wishes she would have done differently.

The Capital FM presenter made the revelation during a question and answer session on her Instagram page. One of her followers asked Anita Nderu what she would have done differently in her 20’s and she was brave enough to list nine personal details about her regrets.

Below is Anita’s list:

I would have taken the job in SA.

I would undate two guys I dated.

I would call my mom more often.

I would have spent less money on shoes.

I would have never been friends with so many people.

I would eat healthier and work out more.

I would stress less coz well, life worked out-ish.

I would spoil my family and best friends rotten more.

I would not let my puppy chewy go to my dad’s house. He died there.

The list follows the TV personality’s recent bold admission about her battle with depression for about five months. The 29-year-old said she once contemplated committing suicide.

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