PHOTOS – Zari Hassan’s New Mansion as She Prepares to Move Out of Diamond’s House

July 19, 2019

Ugandan born businesswoman Zari Hassan is nearly cutting all ties with Diamond as she prepares to move out of his crib in Pretoria, South Africa.

The mom of five has been getting a lot of stick from fans of Diamond in Tanzania for continuing to live in the house she received as a birthday ‘present’ from Diamond in 2016.

Late last year, Zari was forced to respond to the pressure as she challenged her haters to go kick her out themselves.

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In a few months, however, Zari will be out of the posh upmarket mansion and into a newer one, also located in a serene upscale neighbourhood in Pretoria.

The new purchase takes her tally to four houses having owned three others with her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga, said Zari during an interview with Millard Ayo.

She insisted that Diamond’s house – which the Bongo star claimed he bought for Sh46 million – is not really his even though it is not in his name.

“First of all let me clarify, the house belongs to our kids. People should stop referring to the house as Naseeb’s (Diamond). That house belongs to my kids especially now with how things have been with Naseeb. Even though it is in his name, I was smart enough to seek investments that our kids can look on to considering the fact that they are in a foreign land. They need something they can look at and count as theirs in the future. He can claim it, he has a right, if he wants to,” said Zari.

“I’ll move out probably in September because it takes six to eight weeks to register and transfer the title deed. It might come early or later,” she added.

Zari also noted she already has homes she can easily rent out or decide to move back into if she pleases.

Check out her new mansion.

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