Lupita Nyongo’s Favourite Travel Destination

July 31, 2019

Oscar Award-winning Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o has revealed her favorite travel destination and it is as patriotic as they come.

In chitchat with ‘The Times’ about the best places she has visited, Lupita endorsed Kenya as her favourite travel destination. She particularly singled out going on safari, describing it as “incredibly fascinating”.

“I really do love my country. I think East Africa is just incredible,” she said.

“I’ve been going on safari all my life and every time it is dwarfing, humbling and incredibly fascinating. It never grows old and it’s never the same,” Lupita was quoted.

She added, “Time is suspended when you’re on safari because you have to wake up early and your job is to watch, look out and listen.”

Asked what she likes to do when she travels, Lupita said, “I love nature travel. I prefer to visit natural places like the Grand Canyon, or a lakeside. I enjoy observation and a good hike.”

Lupita said her other favourite travel destinations are  Mexico and New Orleans.

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