“I Need a Break from Everything,” Says Wema Sepetu after Dramatic Day in Court

July 5, 2019

Bongowood actress Wema Sepetu is finally a free woman. However, her freedom did not come without its fair share of drama.

During the ruling of her leaked sex tape case on Thursday, Wema, who looked dapper in a three-piece brown trouser suit, was set free after the state prosecutor failed to produce witnesses in the case.

State Prosecutor Glory Mwenda wanted the case adjourned saying witness Kolo Safi had fallen ill. But Wema’s lawyers, Reuben Simwanza and Albert Msando, argued the court had issued its last adjournment of the case under the 60 days witness cap of the Tanzanian laws, hence the only option it had was to deliver a judgment.

Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde agreed with Wema Sepetu’s lawyers and dismissed the case, setting the actress free.

No sooner had Wema enjoyed her newfound freedom than she was arrested again as she was leaving the court premises. In a video that captured the arrest, Wema briefly engaged police officers in an argument before boarding a police land rover.

It remains unclear why she was rearrested but she was released a few hours later. Taking to social media after the rollercoaster of emotions, Wema announced she is taking a break from everything, mostly social media.

“Alhamudhulilah. Hakuna kipindi nimepitia wakati mgumu kama hiki wallahy. Nadhani nahitaji break from everything. I will miss you guys,” she wrote.


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