Travel Ban: US “closely vetting” Visa Applications of Corrupt Kenyans

June 20, 2019

The US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya has begun implementing a travel ban on Kenyans implicated in corruption and drug trafficking.

According to the American Embassy, the move follows the recent visit to the US by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji and the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti.

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“The US Embassy is closely vetting visa applications and revoking the visas of those individuals known to be engaged in graft to ensure corrupt individuals do not have the opportunity to spend their ill-gotten gains in the US,” the US Embassy told the Daily Nation.

Additionally, the US has pledged to assist Kenya in the war against drug trafficking and money laundering.

“The US has funded programs to help Kenya’s customs authorities root out smuggling at Mombasa port and expanded US assistance to help Kenya develop new tools to fight money laundering,” added the American Embassy.

The US will also deploy a senior prosecutor from Washington to Nairobi to strengthen the war against graft.

Talks between the Kenyan delegation and their US counterparts also touched on Anti-terrorism matters where the US promised to help establish a Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force in Kenya.

Recently, the US conducted a course for Kenyan law enforcement officers that taught prosecutors and police advanced techniques on how to disrupt terrorist incidents and successfully prosecute terrorists.

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