Garissa University: Prosecutor Wants Maximum Penalty for Suspects Found Guilty of Terror Attack

June 20, 2019
From Left to Right: Rashid Charles Mberesero, Sahal Diriy alias Sahali Diriye Hussein, Hassan Edin and Mohamed Abdi alias Mohamed Ali Abikar at Milimani court on June 19

Three terror suspects were found guilty Wednesday over the Garissa University terror attack on 2 April 2015 that left 148 people dead.

A Nairobi court found the accused – Mohamed Ali Abdikar, Hassan Aden Hassan and Rashid Charles Mberesero – actively planned the attack with Al-Shabaab operatives.

They faced charges of being members of Al Shabab, committing a terrorist act and conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Magistrate Francis Andayi said prosecution had proved its case beyond any reasonable doubt. “The court finds that they knew the plot and were part of the attackers as they were arrested while travelling from Garissa two days after the attack,” he said.

The magistrate also noted the attack was carried out as an attempt to coerce the government into withdrawing Kenyan troops from Somalia.

Andayi further acquitted a fourth suspect – Sahal Diriy alias Sahali Diriye Hussein – saying he cannot be linked to the attack just because he was found in the company of one of the attackers.

Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu told the court he will be seeking the maximum penalty of life imprisonment. He also intends to call four witnesses during sentencing hearing slated for July 3.

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