PHOTO – Check Out Adelle Onyango’s New Office After Leaving Kiss FM

June 18, 2019

Adelle Onyango is moving on to better and more self-fulfilling things.

Earlier this month, the media personality hosted her last show after seven years working for the Radio Africa station. It also emerged she may have been forced to resign while her co-host Shaffie Weru was ‘demoted’ to host Evening drive.

The two have since been replaced by former NRG radio ‘troublemakers’ Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

Adelle has since unveiled the next step in her industrious career; a podcast series titled PursePective. The 29-year-old presenter has already set up her workstation which she started putting up in February.

“I started building ⁣⁣my office/studio ⁣⁣in February while slowly going⁣⁣ through my last days ⁣⁣on traditional radio – and my ⁣birthday month!⁣
I wanted a happy safe space⁣⁣ where I could tell the stories⁣⁣ I wanted to and have the ⁣⁣convos I wanted to, the way ⁣⁣I wanted to. But I also wanted ⁣⁣to build this space for myself!⁣” says Adelle.

Sharing a picture of the simplistic studio space on Instagram, Adelle added; “My bestie/husband kept ⁣cheering me on because ⁣⁣he knew I wanted this to be⁣⁣ a gift to myself!⁣⁣ This pic was taken the day we⁣⁣ realized I’d actually finished it!⁣⁣”

Adelle’s new office, she said, has already ⁣⁣given birth to two podcasts⁣⁣; Legally Clueless, PursePective.

“But more than that it’s a ⁣⁣reminder that I had the guts to ⁣⁣CHOOSE ME! And that really⁣ gives me such joy!” she concluded.

According to Adelle, “the narrative of the podcast is based on the premise that in the patriarchal nature of society, men have a privileged hand and many times do not even realise it. The aim of this podcast is to bring this to light, highlighting for men the privilege they may take for granted.”

PursePective will premiere at a two-hour live viewing which will be held at K1 Klub house on Tuesday, June 25th. It will feature a 60-minute panel discussion followed by a 60-minute Q&A between the guests and the show’s panel members.

The premiere and all future episodes of PursePective will be posted on Adelle’s social media channels in both podcast and video form.

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