Kenyan Woman Stabbed to Death in India ‘after Fight With Roommate Over Beer’

June 20, 2019

Detectives in South New Delhi, India are investigating the brutal murder of a Kenyan woman identified only as Annsam.

The 45-year-old woman reportedly succumbed to a deep knife wound on her chest at her house in Mehrauli on Monday night. Police reports showed the deceased woman moved to India 10 months ago and had been living in a flat with other Kenyans.

“We received a call at 8.10pm from a Kenyan woman claiming her sister had been killed. We rushed to the spot and took the woman to AIIMS (hospital), where a doctor declared her dead on arrival,” South District Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar told Indian Express.

The detectives said they did not find Annsam’s passport, visa and mobile phone in her residence. Kumar also told the Hindustan Times that Annsam was living with “six or seven women other women from her country”.

Police are holding the Kenyan woman who called them and the prime suspect -one of the victim’s flatmates – for questioning. The suspect was arrested after detectives noticed she had bruises, which they believe were sustained in a fight with Annsam.

Officers are also questioning a Kenyan man believed to be the suspect’s boyfriend. He was in the house at the time of the altercation.

“The roommate and her boyfriend were missing but they were tracked and made to join the probe. The boyfriend admitted that his girlfriend had an altercation with Annsam over a bottle of beer. As of now, the Kenyan woman is a suspect. The man’s role in the crime is being investigated,” an officer privy to the investigations is quoted.

Police said they were questioning neighbours, friends and other Kenyan women who lived in the building.

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