Revealed: The Bizarre Rituals to be Performed for Kakamega Twins

June 20, 2019

Bizarre Luhya traditions will be conducted for the now-famous Kakamega twins who were separated at birth and reunited after 19 years. The rituals are meant to integrate the sisters into one family and further prevent a repeat of what happened in the twins’ lineage.

Luhya elders disclosed that one of the sisters – Sharon Mitekwa, who was not raised by her biological mother – will be treated like a child who got lost and has returned home, hence the rituals.

“The elders will have to slaughter a hen that has not laid eggs and prepare herbs to be sprinkled in the home between the gate and the main house before the extended family can feast to welcome the one that grew up away back home,” said one Ndeta Chimasia.

The hen must not be black because black chicken are normally associated with magicians and black magic, the Luhya elder noted. He told the Star newspaper that the rituals are conducted exclusively by elders who do not talk to anyone during the exercise.

The twins will be then be given the herbs to take, or mixed in the food the twins will share with the rest of the family to signify the reunion.

Sharon and her twin sister Melon Lutenyo will also have to be given fresh names that go with twins, said Chimasia.

In Luhya sub-tribes such as Kisa, Batsotso, Wanga and Maranga, the twin that came out first is named Mukhwana while the follower is named Atsulu.

The Chairman of the Kakamega county elders council, however, said the rituals may mean little now that the sisters have already shared a meal and mixed with the rest of the family before being established as twins.

“What is important here is that a goat be slaughtered and the two twins just feast with the rest of the family members. The rest can be handled by Christian ritual, prayers,” he said.

“When you sire a child out of wedlock and he or she grows teeth while still out, they must feast with the family when they return home so that they stop being strangers to each other,” Sakwa is quoted.

Chimasia noted that failure to perform the rituals will result in the curse of a family member getting lost again and may continue on and on.

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