GSU Track Ferrying Forest Trees Nabbed after Being Involved in Road Accident

June 4, 2019

Police in Bomet on Monday impounded a General Service Unit lorry that was ferrying 450 cedar posts.

The government lorry Reg Number GKB 447R was intercepted after it veered off the road and landed in a ditch on Monday morning.

Reports suggest the lorry attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit camp on the Bomet, Kisii, Narok county border was transporting the Cedar posts to a neighbouring county.

“At around 6.30am, the lorry attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit camp at Nemesis on the Bomet, Kisii, Narok county border, veered off the road and landed in a ditch,” said an officer at Chebunyo Police Station.

Reportedly, Bomet Base Commander Chief Inspector Richard Psaima and Corporal David Chumo rushed to the scene and thwarted attempts to transfer the cedar posts into another lorry.

Chepalungu sub county police boss Nelson Masai said, “It is true the lorry veered off the road in the morning with three officers on board. We are investigating how a government vehicle was illegally used to ferry forest products.”

One of the traders in the area, Reuben Koech, reported that the lorry ferries forest trees from Transmara sub-county in Narok to Chebunyo and Kaboson trading centres in Bomet County three times a week.

Bomet ecosystem conservator Francis Misonge condemned the incident and appealed to the public to volunteer information.

“It does not matter the position one holds in society or government, the law will be applied equally on those who illegally harvest, transport and sell forest products,” said Mr Misonge.

Mr Tyson Kiprotich Saitoti an activist said: “It is unfortunate that police officers tasked with enforcing the law are the same ones breaking it with impunity.”

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