Akothee: Baby Daddy Would Sneak From High School to Visit Me and Vesha in Hospital

June 14, 2019

Akothee has lately been warming up to her first love and the father of her three daughters, Jared.

Earlier this week, the popular musician unveiled Jared on her Instagram as the man who taught her ‘bad manners’.

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She was at it again on Tuesday, posting videos of Jared surprising their daughter Vesha on her 22nd birthday. Akothee gushed, “Thanks man Jaro, my best friend since childhood. I am happy for you too, hope your wife and children are doing great.”

On Thursday, Akothee continued to share insightful and little-known details about her rollercoaster relationship with Jared.

She narrated how Jared would sneak from school to visit her in hospital after she gave birth to Vesha.

“Vesha was premature, I stayed in the hospital for four months. Jared was still at kanyawanga boys, he would sneak from school and come to see me in the hospital. He even bought me a walkman to listen to music ???, this was love, no social media or anything, we were showing off new clothes in church ???,” wrote Akothee in part.

The ‘Baby Daddy’ musician also recalled how church elders made sexual advances towards her when Jared was in school.

“I never knew I was beautiful, some church elders always approached me when he was in school. I will not mention names, some hated me for not giving in for their sexual hunger, and for that reason, I was always thrown out of church choir that either my dress was too tight, or I am marching with my ass,” said Akothee.

“I never told him because most of them played his friends and they would be the first to report to him that I was seen standing with a man at awendo stage ? thank God all his children look like him, otherwise I would have been frogmarched to DNA.”

Akothee noted that when they broke she was bitter but she never denied Jared the chance to see their children.

Here’s a screengrab of Akothee’s full post;

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